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The following gives a quick glance at the main components of the design.


Traffic MFD: Contains the Pages that gets displayed in the Mutli Functional Display (MFD) Area. This is the communication point for the pilot with the Traffic Controller. It consists of various pages of information as well as a main page with selectable command options like Departure Clearance, Landing Request, etc. You can have more than one MFD display.

MFD Controller: There is only one of these for each ship. All the MFD's for the ship will get all their information from the MFD Controller. The MFD Controller will be active even if no Traffic MFD is open.

Comms Mediator: This component facilitates communication between the MFD Controller and the Traffic Controller. It acts like a radio frequency medium that will broadcast to all MFD Controllers on the same frequency.

Traffic Controller: There are various Traffic Controllers e.g. Tower Controller, Ground Controller, Planet Controller, etc. These are configurable using Configuration files to set up its name, frequency etc. It handles the traffic for its specific area.

Comms Radio MFD: Because Orbiter lacks this facility, a seperate MFD is provided to act as Communication Radio Frequency tuner similar the NAV Radio tuner page.

The SDK will allow for the creation of Traffic Controllers and Traffic MFDs. The Traffic Controllers will be created by base designers (if they want, as there will be a default controller) or ship designers who wants to create docking ATC capabilities and the MFD by ship designers who might want to customise the interface.

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